Grading Tags

Since you're no longer turning in a hard copy, here's an example of the additional lines you need to add to your File Header Comments in your .cpp files. Make sure you add the lines in BLUE even if you didn't have any problems. If you had no problems, just write: NONE
\file   foobar.cpp
\author Master Shake
\par    email: master.shake\
\par    DigiPen login: shakemaster
\par    Course: CS399
\par    Assignment #9
\date   2/19/2019
    This file contains the implementation of the following functions for the 
    FooBar class:
    Public Operations include:
        blah, blah, blah,
        yada, yada, yada,
        other stuff here....
  Hours spent on this assignment: 

  Specific portions that gave you the most trouble: 

Also, now that there are no hardcopies on which the graders write feedback, this information will be added in a comment to the top of one of the source files. This will usually be the .cpp file.
$CW: Compiler Warnings
$NC: No Compile (errors)
$OUT: Output problems (failed tests)
$LEAK: Memory leaks
$FHC: File Header Comments
$FNC: Function Header Comments
$CRASH: The program crashed or threw an unexpected exception
$HANG: The program was way too slow or in an infinite loop.
$ID: Internal Documentation (comments)
$CQ: Code Quality
$DRM: Dr. Memory problems (leaks, buffer overruns, bad pointer arithmetic, etc.)
$EC: Extra Credit
$SCORE: Your score on the assignment
$OUTOF: How much the assignment was worth.
$HOURS: Hours spent working on the assignment.
$ISSUES: Any problems or issues encountered by the student.
$COMMENTS: Comments and suggestions from the graders.

Here's an example:

      $CW: -15 (using uninitialized variable)
     $OUT: -8 (Test1, Test5)
     $FHC: -5 (Missing)
   $CRASH: -10 (Stress)
      $CQ: -5 (Too much copy/paste)

   $SCORE: 78
   $OUTOF: 120

   $HOURS: 6
  $ISSUES: This assignment was easy. 

     - find, remove, and insert are about 80% the same. Make helper functions.
     - The compiler warning tells you why the stress test crashed.
     - Your out-of-bounds checking was incorrect, causing you to fail 2 tests.